Forestdale Primary School

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Geography Lesson 1 (22/02/21)

LI: To be able to identify where our food comes from.

  • Look through your cupboard at home an pick out some of the items that you’d have for a meal.
  • Write them in a list.
  • Now it is time to figure out where your food comes from. Look at the packaging for information on the origin of the food.
  • When you have found the origin colour it in on the world map. Write down next to the food in the list where the food is from.

Science Lesson 1 (23/02/21)

LI: To be able to categorise living and non-living things.

  • We have previously studied the different ways that we can categorise a group of things: such as mammals, birds, fish, crustaceans and so on. Today you will need to sort the images on your sheet into living or non-living fossils.
  • A living fossil is a life form that has survived with little change for a large period of time and which are still around today!
  • A not living fossil is a life form which has not changed for a large period of time but is not around today.
  • You should then do some research of your own to add to the two categories, find at least two examples for both.
  • Finally, are we as humans living fossils? Explain your answer using the definition above to help you.

Geography Lesson 2 (24/02/21)

LI: To be able to research and create a Fairtrade poster

  • Use the internet to research and answer the three questions.
  • Pick an item from the third question, make sure you have researched this in detail.
  • Create a poster to advertise the item highlighting the positive points about it. This should be eye-catching to grab somebody’s attention.

ICT Lesson 1 (25/02/21)

LI: To be able to explain how the internet works.

  • Today, we will be discovering how we are able to use the internet so easily from nearly anywhere in the world!
  • So how does it work? Follow the link below to read up on how we receive information and what processes occur to put the internet at our fingertips.
  • Create four questions of your own that you would ask a friend. The answer must be in the reading you have done.
  • Go on to the assignment tab on Teams and complete the quiz about ‘How the Internet Works’.

Art Lesson 1 (26/02/21)

LI: To be able to design my own Venetian Mask

  • Masks are very important in Venice, Italy. Every year they celebrate the Carnival of Venice at Easter.
  • The carnival holds a ‘most beautiful mask’ competition where the masks compete against each other in astounding colours and intricate designs.
  • Study the examples of Venetian masks on the pictures.
  • Then design and create your own mask. Remember to use colour!
  • You could cut out your mask and attach piece of string to try it out yourself!


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark