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Enjoy the half term - please stay safe - the children are back on MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER...


Lesson 1 - Geography


LI: To be able to identify deposition and erosion


In class, we have been looking at the features of rivers and their locations across the world. In this lesson we are taking a more focused approach on two of the effects of rivers; erosion and deposition. 

  • Mention the term 'meander' to your child. We have covered this in class so your child should be able to recall that it describes the rivers movement along its journey avoiding obstacles. Ask your child why a river meanders and doesn't travel in a straight line? 
  • Introduce two new terms, erosion and deposition as another means of rivers changing their shape. Ask your child if they have heard these two terms before and, if so, where. 

Watch the short video below: 


  • Your child should now have an understanding of what is meant by erosion and deposition. 
  • Giving them the image of a river, your child will label the different features of the river and explain what is happening at each part using the vocabulary they have learnt from today's lesson. 
  • Finally, your child can identify where meanders are on a river's journey on a map. 


Awards we have received so far.

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