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History Lesson 1

LI: To explore who the Maya were and when they lived.

The Maya were a civilisation that originated in Central America. Central America contains 7 countries and many offshore islands. 

  • Over 2,300 years ago, the ancient Maya tribe originated. They lived in the jungles of what is now southern Mexico and central America. The ancient Maya were very intelligent and inventive people; often thought of as ahead of their time in writing, art and science. They also built temples, pyramids and palaces.
  • The Maya made settlements in the forests of Central America, building vast cities, known as city-states.
  • Their civilisation was at its greatest from around 250 – 900AD, this time period is known as the Classical period. Their society was complex, with organised religion, writing and impressive architecture.
  • The Maya’s exact origins are uncertain, with ideas surrounding that they made their way to American from Asia before changing their way of life to suit their new environment.
  • The period between 2000BC and 250AD is known as the Pre classical period. During this time, the Maya developed complex religious beliefs and erected monumental temples. They came up with their own system of writing and built cities in which they built great pyramids.
  • Around 900AD, Tikal, Copan, Palenque and other great Mayan cities were abandoned. Archaeologists are still uncertain as to why, however many theories have suggested reasons. Despite this, Mayan culture continued in the Postclassic period (900-1500AD) through the uplands of the Yucatan in Mexico


  • Order the events from the Maya time period into chronological order and then place them/write them on to your Maya timeline.

Science Lesson 1

LI: I can explain the importance of the major discoveries in electricity.

  • In this lesson, you shall be introduced to our new Science topic of Electricity. 
  • Before we conduct any practical lessons, it is important that we understand what the knowledge was like of people in the past and see whether they were aware of electricity and how they used it. 


  •  Read through your history of electricity fact sheet. Make notes or highlight any important information that you find.
  • Complete the comprehension questions about the sheet. 
  • What have you learned about people's attitudes towards electricity in the past compared to now? 


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