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History Lesson 1

LI: I can identify the factors that caused World War 1


What can you see in the picture below:

  • There were numerous contributors to the outbreak of the First World War however, there are 5 theories of thinking behind some of the causes:

1) Militarism (when countries race to build up their armies, navy and weapons).

2) Ideology (a set of beliefs that shape how a country is run).

3) Alliances (agreements made between countries). 

4) Nationalism (when one country thinks it is better than the others).

5) Imperialism (when countries build empires by conquering other countries).


The assassination of Franz Ferdinand is well known as being the trigger (breaking point) for the war to start. Watch the following video and write down three things you learn about his assassination:

However, there were other causes. Study the following video and make notes on other contributing reasons why the war started: 


  • Read through the comprehension sheet describing the events of Franz Ferdinand's assassination. Answer the comprehension questions. 
  • Extension - Create a timeline of the key events from the comprehension sheet.
  • Extension 2 - Answer the question referring to what you have learnt today; "What was the main cause of the First World War?" Justify your answer. 

Science Lesson 1

LI: I can explain the importance of the major discoveries in electricity.

  • In this lesson, you shall be introduced to our new Science topic of Electricity. 
  • Before we conduct any practical lessons, it is important that we understand what the knowledge was like of people in the past and see whether they were aware of electricity and how they used it. 


  •  Read through your history of electricity fact sheet. Make notes or highlight any important information that you find.
  • Complete the comprehension questions about the sheet. 
  • What have you learned about people's attitudes towards electricity in the past compared to now?


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