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Geography – LI. Understand how life in the Arctic is different for people than in the UK

Explain what a diary entry is and how it is written in first person.

Explain that we are going to watch some video clips of a documentary by a British man who lived with a nomadic polar tribe (the Nenet).

 We are going to write a diary entry, as if we were Bruce Parry (the presenter) Read model diary entry.

As we zipped along the river, I wondered what was awaiting me on the banks of the river. At least I could expect a warm welcome, since I had already been in contact with the Mattis tribe whom I was going to stay with. One evening on the long journey, there was the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, with the sun setting the sky on fire, before sinking below the horizon. However, as beautiful as this sunset is, I know that at other times the heavens will open and the rain will bucket down. Being told by others about the humidity did not prepare me for it: I sweat non-stop and it is very tiring. On the journey I am saddened to see sawmills, where trees have been cut down and the forest destroyed.


 I have written as an explorer going to the rainforest Recap key features of polar climate e.g. cold, snow, ice etc and some key facts about life in polar areas e.g. no roads or trains


Watch the following videos from BBC tribe series:


Task: Write a diary entry as Bruce Parry in the Arctic.


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