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History Lesson 1

LI: To be able to identify World War Two inventions and their uses.


  • Look through the information slides about inventions and innovations made during or as a result of World War 2.
  • It will be your task today to identify the correct invention and describe what it was used for in the war and whether or not you think it is used today still in some form or a more developed one. For example, tanks are an invention of WW1, they were used to help cross No Man’s Land in the war and to breach enemy lines. They do still exist today in more developed forms and also through innovated types to cross different terrains and to even make them much faster and more accurate.

History Lesson 2

LI: To write a diary account of a World War Two Invention


  • Using what you learnt yesterday about WW2 inventions, put yourself in the shoes of a World War 2 person. This can be a soldier, inventor, citizen or worker. Your task is to write in the first person describing your day in the war where you come across one of the inventions mentioned previously.
  • You could be for example, a worker in Bletchley Park helping to break the German Enigma. In your diary you could describe the type of work you do, how important your machine is and how vital it is that you keep your inventions a top secret so that it helps in the war. Additionally, you can describe your daily routine as a worker in Bletchley Park, this may require some additional research of your own to make your diary as authentic as possible!
  • Remember you are writing in the war period between the 1st September 1939 and the 2nd September 1945.


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