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English Lesson 1

LI: To be able to explore a front cover and understand an illustration.

1. Explore the front cover and first page of a book

  • Look closely at the Front Cover of The Paradise Garden below:
  • Make brief notes about five things that you notice and what you think might happen in the book.
Read and look closely at the First Page. Use a thesaurus (book or online on the link below).
  • Complete your First Page Noises activity sheet.
  • Make predictions. How do you think this story will develop?

2. Listen to the story and answer questions

Listen to the reading of the story:
  • Read Questions and think about your answers. Write them as full sentences. You can use The Paradise Garden – Text to help you.


English Lesson 2

LI: To be able to make notes on a character and describe a setting

1. Listen again to the story

Listen again to the story of The Paradise Garden
  • What do you notice when you hear the story a second time? Try to think of five things.

2. Make notes about a character

  • Complete the Peter Character Notes activity.
  • You can use The Paradise Garden Text to help you.

3.  Imagine your own special place

  • What sort of place would you like to go for a break from noise and stress? It can be real or imaginary.
  • Write phrases and words to describe your place on a sheet of paper.
  • Use the Tabernacle Card Instructions. Put the phrases and words on the outside of your Tabernacle Card and draw and label your place on the inside of the card.

English Lesson 3

LI To be able to compare two stories

1. Listen to a story

Listen to the reading of The Last Alchemist
  • What did you like about the story? Was there anything that you disliked? What did it remind you of? Why do you think Colin Thompson decided to write this book?
  • Write 2 or 3 sentences to describe what is happening in each of the three Illustrations.

2.  Compare two stories

  • Read the version of the Greek Myth, King Midas.
  • Complete the Comparison Table.

English Lesson 4

LI: To be able to justify an opinion

1. Listen to the story again

  • Listen to the reading of The Last Alchemist again.
  • What new things do you notice when you hear the story a second time? Try to think of 3-5 things.

2. Imagine the trial of Spinifex

  • Imagine that Spinifex has been put on trial for what he did.
  • What could be said against him? What might he say from his point of view? Write your ideas on For/Against activity sheet.
  • Look at both sets of ideas and write a Summary Paragraph that the judge could read, summing up and deciding whether Spinifex is innocent or guilty.

3.  Read a poem

  • Read Alchemy by Sara Teasdale. Read it twice, once in your head and once out loud.
  • Read through Some Reflections on Alchemy Poem.  Do you agree with these thoughts? How does the poem make you feel?
  • Try learning the poem off by heart.

English Lesson 5

LI: To be able to write a story based on an illustration.

  1. Compare the two books
  • Listen again to both Colin Thompson books being read:
The Last Alchemist: 
The Paradise Garden: 
  • Read the Six Comparison Tasks. Write your answers in clear sentences.

2.  Now for some writing.

  • Look at New Illustration. This is for a new book Colin Thompson is writing.
  • Imagine a story that would fit this illustration. Note your ideas on Story Planner and then write all or some of your story.    

Guided Reading Lesson 1

LI: To be able to retrieve and infer from The Kite Runner

  1. Read through your first extract from the Kite Runner. What is happening in the extract?
  2. Underline any words that you do not understand and research what they mean, annotations will prove helpful when you look over your reading again.
  3. Answer the questions at the bottom of the text.
  4. Summarise what you have read on the page.
  5. Complete second side.


Guided Reading Lesson 2

LI: To be able to learn about alchemy.

1. Find out about alchemy

  • Read the non-fiction History of Alchemy. What are three new things that you have learnt from reading this article?
  • Read Alchemy Questions. Think about your answers and then write them in clear sentences.


Guided Reading Lesson 3

LI:  To be able to read and answer questions on an autobiography

  • Read Colin Thompson Autobiography.
  • Answer the Autobiography Questions.
  • Is there anything in Colin Thompson’s life that reminds you of The Paradise Garden or The Last Alchemist?


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark