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Come and join me every morning at 10am to go over your work for the day!

Spelling - Mrs Fitzmaurice's Group


For over the next two weeks, I have created a spelling pack for you to work through. This week, focus on trying to complete the SPAG mats. If there is anything you are unsure of on the SPAG mats, please ask me on Teams and I will help you.


Spelling - Mrs Wingfield's Group


For over the next two weeks, I have created a phonics booklet for you to work through. Please try and do a sound a day (each sound has two pages for you to complete!).

Mrs Fitzmaurice's Group


Lesson 1


LI: read for information


- Read through the story at the beginning of the booklet (you may wish to read this with an adult so they can help you understand the story better).

- Next, complete the Let’s Chat about the Story sheet – fill in your thoughts and ideas on the sheet.

- Finally, complete the True or False Quiz to check your understanding of the story!


Lesson 2


LI: read for information


- Refresh your memory of the story – you may wish to read it again.

- Next, answer the four questions about the story then complete What Happened When worksheet.

- Vocabulary is really important in stories to help give the reader detail and a better understanding of what is going on. Have a go at the Wonderful Words worksheet – if you get stuck, try using a dictionary to help you.


Lesson 3


LI: understand character profiles


- Today’s lesson is focussing on the Characters in Stories worksheets. Have a go at filling in the character profiles about the characters from the story. Remember to look back to the story for information that is shared there, and what you can’t find out from the story you can make up – there are four character profiles to complete!


Lesson 4


LI: how to create a good character name


- Today we are focussing on the Character Names worksheets. Have a go at the activities on these pages to help you find out about the importance of character’s names in stories.


Lesson 5


LI: create characters


- Have a look at page 20 – there is an excerpt from Anthony Horowitz’s book ‘Never Say Die’ at the top of this page. Answer the questions underneath the passage.

- Next, we will be looking at the Your Characters worksheet. This is your chance after learning everything about character over the past couple of lessons to create your own characters for your adventure story we will be writing next week. Use what you have been learning about character to help you!

Mrs Wingfield's Group


Lesson 1


LI: read for information


- Read through the story of Alfie’s Star with an adult.

- Fill in the worksheet with the four stars talking about the story (if you need more space, please feel free to write on more paper – you don’t have to stick to the star!)

- Complete the who said what worksheet with the speech bubbles.


Lesson 2


LI: read for information


- Read over the story again from yesterday to remind yourself of it.

- Have a go at the Quiz Time worksheet.

- have a go at the Words About Stars worksheet.


Lesson 3


LI: retell a story


- Have a go at the Star Words worksheet.

- Have a go at the Story Mountain Planner worksheet.


Lesson 4

LI: read for information


- Have a go at the Superstar Word Detectives worksheets! First, you need to find the words which describe stars in the story. On the next sheet you need to add to your ideas thinking about what stars do. On the third sheet you need to think about where you might see stars. On the final sheet, you need to combine your ideas to make different sentences and record them on the sheet.


Lesson 5


LI: use similes


- Have a go at the Secret Star worksheet with someone else from your house.

- Have a go at the Star Similes worksheet (remember a simile is when you compare something using like or as eg. The sun shone like a diamond or the hole was as large as a crater!).


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark