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This week we are all looking at the same story called 'Once upon a lifetime'

Once in a Lifetime

Lesson 1

LI: To gather ideas and vocabulary about an adventure story

Today we are looking at a video clip – it is a story called ‘Once in a Life Time’.

What do you think the video will be about? What type of things do you think happen once in a life time?

The clip you need to watch is on the home learning hub WC 1.3.21


While watching the clip think about and make notes about the following;

What colour is the sky?

What mood or feeling does this give us?

Can you describe the clouds?

What is strange about this ship?

How is the man feeling when the turtles fly over his head?

What words could we use to describe the turtles? Think about how they move and how they look.


Using the odd one out sheet in your pack, watch the clip again and see how many of the items on the grid you can spot – tick them off as you see them.  Some of the items are not in the clip.

Lesson 2

LI: To create a job advert for an explorer.

Think about what an explorer needs to be.  They have to be brave and fearless, they need to be able to take risks and make decisions quickly.

Today you will be creating a job advert for a Sky Explorer!


On the sheet provided in your pack, you need to include all the good and exciting parts about being a sky explorer.

Remember to include some rhetorical questions, these keep your reader engaged.

For example,;

Do you like adventure? Well this could be the job for you!

Do you lead a boring life? Would you like to change that?

Row 1

Lesson 3

LI: To create a front cover for the story of ‘Once in a lifetime’

Watch the clip of the story again.

Imagine that the clip you watched was part of a story book. Create a front cover for the book to show what the book is about.

In your pack you have a sheet for you to create a front cover for the book.

I would then like you to write some sentences to explain what you have included on your front cover and why.

Row 2, 3 and 4

Lesson 3

LI: To find out about turtles – Comprehension

In you pack you have an information page and question page about turtles.

Using the skills that we apply in guided reading – read the question  then read the text and highlight/underline the key information to answer the question.

Complete the sheet using the perfect from answer – you need to write in full sentences and refer to the question in your answer.

Lesson 4

LI: To write a diary entry.

Today we are going to be thinking about all of the wonderful and magical things that the Sky explorer sees on his exciting adventures.


On the senses sheet in your pack I want you to create a word bank of all the things that the sky explorer can see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Try to find some exciting vocabulary to use in your writing.


Have a look at the sky explorer’s log example in your pack.

Your task is to write your own version of a sky explorer’s log and explain what happened when you saw something in the sky that you didn’t expect.

Perhaps it was a sky elephant or an air orca?

Things to remember;

Tell the reader how you felt- what happened to you?

Use your senses- say what you saw, smelled, heard.

Think about your openers- are they exciting?

Could you use a verb or an adverb?

Add a question to pose to the reader. It makes them think!

Can you use language swaps to include better vocabulary. Use a thesaurus to help! Use a collective noun (the name of the group) for your group of creatures.

Lesson 5

LI: To write an ending to the story of ‘Once in a Life Time’.

Think about the clip we don’t really get to see the end.  We have no idea where the turtles take the Sky Captain. 

You task today is to create the ending to the story.

In your pack is a comic strip for you to plan your story ending and some lines paper for you to write out your ending.

Remember to include;

Expanded noun phrases – bug, wooden (Adjective, adjective noun)

Capital letters and full stops in the correct places

Verbs – doing words –floating, leaping, sailing

Conjunctions – and, so, but, because,

Different sentence openers. Try not to keep using the.


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark