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English Lesson 1

LI: To be able to create a humorous story.

Task 1 - Read jokes

  • Read a set of short jokes: One Liners.
  • Put a star next to the jokes that you really like. Put a question-mark next to any that you’re not sure about. Show the jokes to someone else. Do they agree with you?
  • Choose 3 short jokes and learn them by heart. Practise telling them.
  • Read a set of longer jokes: Shaggy Dog Stories. Which is your favourite? Do you prefer longer or shorter jokes?
  • Now choose a Shaggy Dog Story from the home learning page. Read How to Tell a Shaggy Dog Story. Tell your story - add description and elaborate it to make it really good.

Task 2. Try making up your own jokes:

  • Watch this video about writing jokes:
  • Read I’ve got a new job. Choose the best punchlines for the jokes.
  • Try to write your ‘I’ve got a new job’ jokes.
Watch these top five tips about writing jokes:

Try following these tips and writing some of your own jokes.

Task 3. Make a joke book

  • Collect your favourite jokes from One Liners/Shaggy Dog Stories/More Jokes and the jokes that you have written yourself. Add any other favourite jokes that you or your family have.
  • Use How to Make a Folded Book to create the book.
  • Write the jokes in the book. Add comic illustrations too.

English Lesson 2

LI: To be able to write an escape puzzle piece

Task 1. Read escape puzzles:

  • Read Escape Puzzles. Can you work out solutions to any of them? Show them to someone else. Can they work them out?
  • Have a proper go at a couple of them.
  • Check Solutions on the second page. Which do you think is cleverest?
  • Learn your favourite off-by-heart and try it out on other people.

Well done. You could try playing this online Harry Potter escape-puzzle game.

Task 2. Imagine some escapes:

  • Watch Anthony Horowitz talking about the top five escapes for Alex Rider (the character he writes about).
  • Complete Alex Escapes with your ideas.
  • Read Alex Rider Extract. Underline all the challenges that Alex faces as he tries to escape the prison.

Task 3. Write about an escape:

Look closely at the Alcatraz diagram. Visit Google Earth to explore this real-life island prison in more detail:
  • Imagine you were locked up in Alcatraz and you were innocent!  You have to get out. Plan your escape from Alcatraz, using Escape Planner.
  • Finally write your plan as a short story.

English Lesson 3

LI: To be able to write a character description

Task 1. Find out about Star Wars droids:

  • Look at Droid Pictures on the home learning site. What do you know already about any of these?
  • Read Droid Descriptions. Look for any clues that will help you to match each description to the right picture. You may need to look up some vocabulary. Use a book dictionary or on the link below:
  • Read Droid Questions. How many can you answer?
  • Check your answers with Droid Answers on the home learning site.
  • Write a Multiple-Choice Quiz. Write three options for each question: the right answer, a close answer and a ridiculous answer. Don’t always put these in the same order.
  • Try your quiz out on some other people. How many can they get right? You could add these questions to the Posts section of our Teams page. Lets see how many we can get!

Task 2. Invent a droid:

  • Design a droid that would be most helpful to you.
  • Draw your droid. Write a description of it. You can make up your information! Use expanded noun phrases, the 5ws to help your description.
  • Make an advert for your droid. You could make a poster or you could film an advert. Upload these to the Teams site.

Task 3. Imagine living gadgets:

  • Imagine if some modern-day gadgets had personalities like the StarWars droids, e.g. your watch could speak to you and gave you advice on how not to be late!!
  • Complete Gadget Personalities.
  • Extra challenge - Use your ideas to write a short story.

English Lesson 4

LI: To be able to create clues to a crossword

Task 1. Complete a Crosspoints puzzle:

  • Read Crosspoints. Fill in the grid with words and then check your score.
  • Use the other Crosspoint Grids yourself to try to beat your score OR challenge someone else to play the game and see how they do.

Task 2. Complete a Crossword:

  • Complete Crossword 1. Read the clues and write your answers in the crossword grid. Find clues that you can do first and then use the letters from these to help you with other answers.
  • Choose one of the Challenge Crosswords to complete.  There are four and they get harder.  

You could challenge yourself to complete all four!

This website will give you suggestions if you have some of the letters for a word:

Task 3.  Make up your Crossword:

  • Either use the Crossword Template or this website to make up your own crossword:
  • Choose a theme. Choose words to fit. Make up clues that will lead to these words. Look at the example done by Owl to see how it works!
  • Try your crossword out on someone else. How well did they do?

English Lesson 5

LI: To be able to create gross recipes

Task 1. Make up a revolting menu:

  • Read Menu. What would you choose to eat? What do you think your friends and family would eat?
  • Read Revolting Menu Prompts. Use these instructions to create a revolting yet delicious sounding menu.
  • Watch this advert. Can you read your menu in the same style? You could record your own advert like this!

Task 2. Read gross recipes:

  • Look at the Gross Recipes. These have all been made to be edible but to look awful.
  • Read the information carefully and try to fill in the missing parts: (i) Ingredients, (ii) Method, (iii) Ingredients and (iv) Picture.

Task 3.  Make up recipes:

  • Read Roald Dahl Recipes. Choose one of the foods that he invented and make-up a recipe for it. Include a picture, ingredients and method in your recipe.


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark