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Enjoy the half term - please stay safe - the children are back on MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER...


Lesson 1-

LI: To answer questions using full sentences.

This week we are looking at a new genre, we are looking a stories.  The book we will be looking at for this unit of work is Augustus and his smile.  



In your packs you have a comprehension sheet.  You need to read the story about the tiger and answer the questions using full sentences, capital letters and full stops.  All the information that you need to answer the questions is in the text.

Lesson 2 

LI: To collect descriptive language for a setting.

One of the first places Augustus looks for his smile is in the forest.  Today you need to imagine that you are in a forest.  Think about what you can see, hear and smell.

Provided in you pack is a picture of Augustus’ forest – around your picture write all the descriptive language to help describe what can he seen, hear and smelt.

For example;

Emerald and lime leaves

Tall trees starching skyward

Fresh breeze whistling through the trees.

Lesson 3 -

LI:  To write a descriptive paragraph about a setting.

Building on from yesterday’s work, today you need to write all about the forest where Augustus is searching for his smile.  You need to include all the fantastic descriptive vocabulary you thought of yesterday and put this into super sentences.  You must also include how Augustus is moving, behaving and how he is feeling.

Look at mine as an example – Remember you can not just copy this but you need to write it in your own words.

The sunlight shone brightly through the emerald canopy lighting up the forest floor as Augustus, the upset tiger, searched everywhere for his missing smile.  Gracefully, the gigantic trees danced as the cool, crisp breeze blew making the thousands of green leaves rustle while the branches waved.  On the forest floor bushes and bramble grew with spikey thorns sticking out in many directions.  Millions of bugs continued to go about their normal business in the earthy soil as Augustus searched high and low , tiny ants, beautify butterflies and sneaky spider didn’t seem to mind this king of the jungle in their home.  There was an enormous tree in the forest, a perfect viewpoint for Augustus to see far and wide.  Using his sharp claws, Augustus carefully climbed up and up with his nails digging deep into the rough bark until he reached the top.  But still there was no smile.  Augustus’s felt deflated.  Where could his smile be?

Lesson 4 - 

LI: To edit and improve my work.

Today we will improve our writing from yesterday.  It is not just about changing some of the words but looking to how you can make whole sentences better. 

Tips to improve your writing;

  • Check your sentence starters –try not to keep using the same opener – your reader will get bored.
  • Can you add any adjectives to hep describe some of the thing you have written about?  For example if you have just written tree you could improve this by adding an adjective and writing tall tree.
  • Use conjunctions to help add more detail to your sentences – they allow you to write longer sentences.  You could use – and, but, so, because, while.

Use a different coloured pen to make you changes – that way you will be able to see your improvements. 

Remember a piece of writing is never truly finished – it can always be improved and edited!!

Lesson 5 -

L.I. To use expanded noun phrases

Today we will be looking at expanded noun phrases. This is a sentence with 2 or more adjectives.

For example:  The hairy, vicous, brown dog was chasing after the cat.

What is a noun phrase?

- What is a noun?

- What is an adjective?

- What is a phrase?


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark