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Enjoy the half term - please stay safe - the children are back on MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER...


This week are continuing to write our own story based on the story the Tiger Who Came to Tea. We are changing the setting, characters, etc..


E.g. One wintery night there was a little boy called Jack who was having tea with his uncle. To his surprise there was a knock at the door. “Who could that be asked Jack?”. "It can not be mum because she has got her keys. It can not be the postman as he came yesterday morning". So Jack opened the door inquisitively.  His mouth widened in amazement because there stood a soft, fluffy panda…


Activity - Write your own story based on The Tiger Who Came to Tea. 

Click here to see our original class story. 


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark