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Lesson 1


LI: create a non-chronological report


Using the plan that was created on Friday, you will have the time today to create your first draft of your non-chronological report using your plan to help you. Remember to have a look at the success criteria below when writing!


Success criteria:

  • Fronted adverbials
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Conjunctions
  • Factual language – no bias/persuasive language
  • Present tense
  • Third person


Lesson 2


LI: edit and evaluate


Take your time to read over your writing from yesterday. Go through the success criteria and use a coloured pencil to underline the evidence you find in your work of the different parts of the success criteria. If you have nothing to underline, add what is missing using a purple pen!


Lesson 3


LI: create a non-chronological report


Re-write your Golden book copy of your work. Remember to use your best handwriting!


Lesson 4


LI: use prepositions


Have a look at the following link to learn about prepositions!

Write a paragraph/sentences including prepositions for the picture below.


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark