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Enjoy your Easter break - stay safe - children return Monday 19th April


LI: create poetic verses


- Recapping the poem ‘The Coming of the Iron Man’ – what was the poem about? Did it feel happy/sad? Did you like it? Why or why not?

- Comparing the poem to the book – read Chapter 1 of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes and read through The Coming of the Iron Man by Brenda Williams - what do you notice? (They are talking about the same thing, one is descriptive sentences while the other one has been turned into poetic verse)

- Create a poetic verse for the first page or so of Ghost Buddy – Zero the Hero by Henry Winkler.

Eg. Billy Broccoli wasn’t getting out of the car,

Although he knew he had travelled so far.

At the thought of a new house he was unimpressed…


Billy Broccoli wasn’t getting out of the car. He had warned them. In fact, he had spent a month and a half warning them. Forty-five days to be exact. He had said, “you can move to the new house. I support that decision wholeheartedly. Just don’t ask me to move with you. I can’t and I won’t.”


“Billy, that’s enough,” his mother said, tapping her foot impatiently. “You’ve made your point, now get out of the car.”


“No thanks Mum.”


“Billy, I understand how you are feeling. It’s normal for a child to resist change.” His mother, Charlotte Broccoli-Fielding, was a middle-school principal and knew all there was to know about middle schoolers. Or so she thought. The only hole in her knowledge was her own son.


“First of all Mum, I am not longer a child,” Billy said to her. “I’m eleven going on twelve, which officially makes me a tween. Not only do we have our own television shows, but I have my own mind…which by the way, is insisting I stay in the car.”


Billy rolled up the window to end the conversation.



LI: identify the features of a Haiku poem


- Go through the Haiku poems document below, completing the activities as you go.

- Look at the following Haiku poems. Identify the syllable length of each word in both poems.



Silently circling

Watching with its beady eyes

Ready for a kill.



Prey, hides, crouching down

Still in the predator’s glare

Fear fills its small heart.


Grace Sayers


- Extension – choose some of the words in the poem and try to think of another word which could be used instead which would have the same number of syllables and a similar meanings.


LI: use expanded noun phrases


Look at link below


Create either sentences or a paragraph including expanded noun phrases about the picture below.


Remember an expanded noun phrase has adjectives which describe the noun and a preposition.


The small, brown dog sat on the soft, fluffy pillow.

LI: create a poem


Look at one of the following links below to collect information on a bird of prey.




With the information you have collected, create an acrostic poem and Haiku poem. Remember to look back at work you have already done if you cannot remember what these are!


Success criteria for acrostic poem:

- Write the name of the animal vertically

- create phrases or sentences to describe the animal we have chosen, making sure they start with a letter from the animal’s name

- include alliteration, adjectives and similes


Success criteria for Haiku poems:

- Consists of 3 lines

- 5 syllables in the first line

- 7 syllables in the second line

- 5 syllables in the third line




Awards we have received so far.

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