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does not                                 door

doesn't                                   floor

I had                                      poor

I'd                                           because

do not                                    find


can not


she is


Lesson 1


LI: identify the features of a newspaper report


Think about what you know about newspaper reports. What features are present in a newspaper? Have a look at the clip below.

Today, we will be identifying the features found in a newspaper report. Use the grammar checklist to underline the features in the report in your work pack.


Lesson 2


LI: create an introduction


Look through the introduction paragraph of a newspaper below. Identify any features/grammar you can see.


Create your own introduction for an escaped black panther from a local zoo. Remember to include fronted adverbials, past tense, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions.


Peaches and Scream


This morning, there were scenes of panic as the famous giant peach at Hilltop House broke off its branch and flattened two sisters dead. The massive fruit then continued on a journey of destruction through the town before finally falling off of a cliff into the sea.

Lessons 3 and 4


LI: create effective sentences


Read the next parts of the Peaches and Scream article. Identify the grammar you can see. Write the next two or three paragraphs for your black panther newspaper report. Remember to include noun phrases/expanded noun phrases, past tense and quotes, and think about the suffixes and pronouns you might be able to use in your writing. Remember this part of the report is where the precise details are for what happened.


Peaches and Scream report continued…


The unfortunate event began just after 9am this morning as sisters Sponge and Spiker were preparing to admit the first visitors of the day to see the twenty-foot-wide peach. The freakish fruit had mysteriously grown overnight in their garden a few days earlier.


A tremendous crash was heard as the peach broke through the fence and careered into Sponge and Spiker. The sisters were still reported to have been fighting and arguing as they frantically tried to dodge their fate.


Picking up speed, the fiendish peach hurtled down the hillside towards the town. Arthur Brown, 74, was enjoying a spot of fishing when the uncontrollable fruit whizzed by. He was quoted saying, "one minute I was sat by the river minding my own business and the next minute my new fishing rod was whisked out of my hands by a gigantic ball of fuzz. It was a very abnormal experience."


Within half an hour, the naughty peach had squashed two parked cars, released a river of chocolate from a local factory and damaged hundreds of gardens before it bounced over the clifftop and splashed into the English Channel.


Lesson 5


LI: use speech marks


Remember when using speech marks:


- the speech marks go around what the person is saying

- include punctuation before closing the speech mark

- new speaker, new line

Have a go at the work in your pack!


Awards we have received so far.

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