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reins                                         wild

vein                                          climb

neigh                                        most

sleigh                                       only

freight                                       both






Lesson 1


LI: identify the features of an adventure story


Think about what you already know about adventure stories. Have a look at the following clip to learn more about adventure stories.

Have a look at the example of an adventure story in your pack and identify the features listed on the grammar checklist.


Lesson 2


LI: create an introduction


Have a look at the following introduction for an adventure story and see what grammar you can identify. Did you manage to spot direct speech, conjunctions, prepositions and expanded noun phrases?


Amazon Adventure


“Marcus. I have just received an urgent phone call from work and they want me to work in the Amazon rainforest, starting next week!” exclaimed Dad.

Sitting on the edge of Cantor’s Lake, Marcus dropped his brand new tablet phone in surprise but luckily it landed on his fishing bag so no damage was caused. Quickly, he placed his phone back in his pocket and picked up his prized fishing rod and silver hook, which had brought him real luck over the past few years. Marcus marched home, eager to find out what this new family journey would entail.


Now try creating your own introduction for an adventure story set in the Amazon, thinking about including the grammar mentioned above.


Lesson 3


LI: create effective sentences


Look at the following section of Amazon adventure. Identify the grammar you can see. Did you manage to find fronted adverbials, adverbs, conjunctions and expanded noun phrases?


As Marcus barged through the door, he immediately noticed that his bags had been packed and his scruffy looking passport was ready on the side. In the blink of an eye, he was in a taxi on the way to London’s largest airport, Heathrow. When he finally stepped off the plane with his family, a wall of heat welcomed him and instantly Marcus began to wipe the beads of sweat from his brow. Marcus couldn’t believe his own eyes! This really was a true paradise: glorious sunshine, spectacular views and some of the rarest wildlife on the planet.


Once Marcus arrived at the hotel, he quickly unpacked his bag and rushed down to the lobby to meet the tour guide for the day. His mother and father would be busy working so he needed entertaining. “Make sure you do as I say today!” yelled the tour guide over the sound of a rather unhealthy sounding engine.

“Yeah, yeah. Just hurry up and drive,” mumbled Marcus rudely under his breath. When they arrived at the edge of the rainforest, Marcus grabbed his backpack, leapt off the jeep and bounced around in excitement. Everything was perfect however, the tour guide’s smile immediately turned to a grimace when the ferocious looking grey clouds took over the sky.


Now create the next paragraph or two of your adventure story, focussing on the build-up and problem.


Lesson 4


LI: use direct speech


Have a look at the following video clip and have a go at the activities.

Choose to either write sentences with direct speech or a conversation between two characters about the following picture:


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