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Enjoy your Easter break - stay safe - children return Monday 19th April


Home Learning Activities—English

This week in school we have been looking at the book Tiger Who Came to Tea.

Below is a list of activities for you to complete based on the work we have been completing in school. Follow the activities in order and try to complete one activity a day. Your activity sheets will be included in this pack. Once you have completed the work, please bring it back into school to show us your fabulous learning :)

Lesson 1 —

Introduction—Explain to your that they will be asked questions at the end of the story, so listen carefully. Read the Tiger Who Came to Tea. Talk about the story focusing on certain sections. What happened in the beginning, middle and end. Ask your child to talk about they would do if a tiger tuned up at their house for tea. Play the memory game. What did the tiger eat from the table?  What colour was Sophie’s jumper? Where did they go to eat instead? List 5 items or more of what the tiger ate/drank.


Activity—Together make a shopping list for Sophie’s mum for when she goes shopping again. List all the food the tiger ate/drink.


Lesson 2


Introduction— Recap over yesterdays lesson. Name the items the tiger ate/drank. Was it a good idea for the tiger to eat all of Sophie’s food? Discuss with your child that they are going to invite the tiger over to their house for a tea party. What food would you feed the tiger? (Be creative as you like!)

Activity—Draw 5 foods on your food plate which your child wants to have at their tea party. and write their new and improved food for the tiger.

Lesson 3

Introduction—Pretend to be Sophie from the story. Retell the own story as if Sophie was telling it. E.g. one day I woke up and there was a knock at the door. I knew it wasn’t my dad because he had his keys etc.. Once your child has pretended to be Sophie, ask them how Sophie would have felt at certain parts of the story. E.g. How would Sophie feel when she saw the tiger eating the food? What would Sophie be saying to the tiger etc. What might the tiger have replied to Sophie?


Activity— Ask your child to write speech bubbles for the girl, mum, and the tiger. What do you think they would be saying? The more creative the better!



Lesson 4 —

Introduction— Read your child the letter from the tiger explaining how he has     escaped from the zoo and how he was just very hungry and is sorry he doesn’t know what manners are. Ask your child to pretend to be Sophie? If you were    Sophie what questions would you want to ask the tiger? Share your questions.


Activity— Write some questions for the tiger trying to include all 5 W’s—who, what, why, where, when

E.g. Who sent you to my house? Why did you decide you wanted to come for tea? Where have you come from etc.. Write your questions on the activity sheet.


Lesson 5 —


Introduction— Read the children the letter back from the tiger explaining that he is sorry for his behaviour but that no one has ever shown him any manners. Discuss what we could do- maybe we could write him an invitation to attend our tea party and show him good manners.

Have you ever had an invitation before? What did it say? What did it look like? If we had a tea party who would you invite? What would we need to buy? Ask your child to write a short list of what they would need for a tea party, encourage them to discuss who they would invite filling in the template etc…


Activity—Fill in all the details for their own invitations.






Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark