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English Lesson 1

LI: To consider a poem using verbs for possibility

  1. Read Certainty.
  • Read the poem twice: once in your head and once out loud. What did you like about the poem? Was there anything that you disliked? What patterns can you find? What would you like to ask the poet?
  • Watch the poem being performed:
  • Was it as you expected? What did you notice in the performance?

2. Remind yourself about adverbs of possibility

• Use the PowerPoint on Adverbs of Possibility or if this is not possible then remind yourself using the Revision Cards. • Complete Adverbs of Possibility Sentences.

English Lesson 2

LI: To study newspaper articles and create a lockdown inspired piece of writing.

1. Look over a newspaper article.

• Read your First News article – Frank Mills. Which three facts do you think are most important in this story?

• Read Frank Mills – Questions. Think about your answers and then write them carefully as sentences.


2. Summarise other news stories

• Read Inspired in Lockdown 1.

• Complete Summary Table. The first row has been done for you.

Challenge yourself to read and summarise Inspired in Lockdown 2 and 3.

• Which of these stories do you find most inspirational? Why?


3. Now for some writing

• Look at Example Inspirations and then read Lockdown Inspiration Ideas.

• Write notes about your answers to the questions. Leave out questions that you cannot answer.

• Use your ideas to write a paragraph about Lockdown Inspiration – it could be about someone who has inspired you, something you have done or something that you would like to do.

English Lesson 3

LI: To use relative clauses when describing an image.

1. Look closely at a picture

  • Look closely at Game Changer by Banksy. This artwork was revealed in Southampton Hospital.
  • Read through the question prompts about the picture and answer them in clear sentences. 

2. Remind yourself about relative clauses

  • Use the PowerPoint on Relative Clauses or, if this is not possible, remind yourself using the Revision Card.
  • Complete Relative Clause Activities on your worksheet.

3.  Now for some writing

  • Look at Street Art Examples.
  • Write sentences that include relative clauses about these pictures. Try to make some of your relative clauses embedded with some following the main clause.

English Lesson 4

LI: To be able to answer questions about a poem.

1. Read and listen to a poem

  • Read the first page of The Great Realisation.
  • Highlight the poem to show your favourite lines and phrases.
Watch the performance of the poem:

2. Write about the poem

  • Read Poetry Questions and think about your answers.
  • Write some of your answers in clear sentences.

English Lesson 5

LI: To be able to write a persuasive letter.

  1. Think about a possible future
  • Think about how you would like the future for the world to be.
  • Try to think of six hopes. Record them with words and pictures on What kind of future?


2. Write a persuasive letter

  • Plan a letter to your MP about the future that you would like for the world, using the Planning Guide.
  • Carefully write your letter. You can find out your MP and their address here:


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark