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School is now back open for critical workers....and for dropping off work packs


Spellings - Mrs Fitzmaurice's Group


Instead of giving you a list of spellings this week, I have included 4 word mazes in your pack instead. What you need to do is follow the path of correctly spelt words to find out the culprit. If you are having any problems with spellings, think about the spelling rules you know. If you are still finding it hard, use a dictionary to help you.

Spellings - Mrs Wingfield's Group


Instead of giving you a list of spelling words this week, in your pack you will find a common exception words activity booklet to have a go at instead. It covers quite a lot of the words you have already been learning in Year 4.

Lesson 1


LI: use subordinating conjunctions


Last week, we started looking at coordinating conjunctions, today we will be looking at the other group - subordinating conjunctions (a conjunction which joins a subordinate clause onto a main clause). Have a look at the webpage below to learn more then have a go at the work in your pack! (Fairy Tale Sentences, Computer Malfunction and Cameron's Conjunction Challenge)

Lesson 2


LI: write a descriptive paragraph


Have a look at the picture below. Think about the following questions:


What has just hatched from the egg?

Why is the girl unafraid?

Why might the crows be displeased?

What will happen now that it has hatched?

How did the girl end up with the egg in her hands?

How do you think the girl hurt her knees?

How is she feeling? What does the look in her eyes tell you?


Read the following story starter then write a paragraph describing what came out of the egg.


Extension - draw a picture of what came out of the egg - make sure it matched the description you wrote!


The crows had been gathering for some time, no doubt displeased by the girl’s actions.


She could feel the cold, wet slime dripping slowly from her fingertips, but it didn’t bother her. Her hands were still, steady, without fear: she had been eagerly awaiting this moment.


All she could think about was the creature in front of her, finally escaped from its cage. It had hatched. It was time…

Lesson 3


LI: create descriptive writing


Have a look at the picture below and think about the following questions:


Do all trees lose their leaves during Autumn?

What is meant by the phrase “turn over a new leaf?”

What would you ask the leaf of truth?

Who is the character in the picture?

Where are they standing?

What can you see?


Create an introduction for a story using this picture. Think about what you can see? Why might the child be there? Where might the child be? Is this the beginning of an adventure? How did the child end up with this magic leaf? Finish your introduction with a cliffhanger.

Lesson 4


LI: create descriptive writing


Have a look at the picture below and think about these questions:


What has Geppetto created?

Why is he so surprised?

What is the puppet's name?

What do you think Geppetto will do next?

Do you think he has made anything magical before?

Can you make a list of all the things the woodcarver would normally make?

Do you have anything that has been carved out of wood in your house?

If you could carve something to come alive, what would it be?


Make a list of emotions that Geppetto would be experiencing then write a sentence starting with one of those emotions, and including some good adjectives,


E.g. Astonished, Geppetto gently raised his weathered hand and pulled on the long, thin threads that controlled the puppet's actions.


Alarmed, Geppetto inched backwards towards to door as a smooth, wooden face with two pale, blue eyes turned (on its own) to gaze at him.


Create a paragraph explaining how Geppetto is feeling after finding out he has managed to bring the toy to life. Start with one of the sentences you have created from above. Remember to think about how we can describe feelings in writing, we don't just have to write he was happy - think about how you can tell the reader without being so obvious, eg. he danced around the room as if he was as light as air. A massive smile covered his face from ear to ear, etc.

Lesson 5


LI: create descriptive writing


Write a paragraph explaining what you can see in the picture below and explain why you think they are all there - your reason can be as creative as you wish - you just have to explain yourself!


If snowmen could talk, what would they say?

If snowmen ruled the world, what changes would you see?

When do you think the first snowman was built?

If you make a snowman out of a material other than snow, is he a snowman?

Mrs Wingfield's Group


You have 5 writing sheets to complete this week:


What can you see at school?

What can you see at the swimming pool?

What can you see in the Winter Scene?

What can you see on the farm?

What can you see at the park?


You can choose the order in which you complete them. Remember to include capital letters and full stops! Also think about what we have been learning in class - what words can you use to add even better description? Remember to ask for help with spellings if you need it!


Challenge - if you want to challenge yourself, once you have wrote about what you can see, create sentences about what you could feel or hear if you were there too!


Awards we have received so far.

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  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark