Forestdale Primary School

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Foundation Stage Ethos


 In the foundation Stage we encourage children to make choices, problem solve and think critically.  Through continuous provision we encourage children to become independent learners and nurture their interests through enhancements within the environment.  Staff observe and record children’s achievements, and work together to ensure next steps are taken. Each child’s progress is recorded in their Learning Journey which is shared with both parents, children and the Senior Leadership team.


Welcome to Foundation Stage 1

Nursery Sessions run from Monday to Wednesday 8.40am-3pm



We kindly ask that parents and carers wear masks when picking up and dropping off their children from Monday.  To help your children adjust to this, here are photos of Mrs Quayle and Mrs Pedley in masks.  Please show your children - we are superheroes in disguise! 

This half term…


We are exploring different toys through 'The Magic Toybox'.  Each week there is a mystery toy and an accompanying high quality text to explore. Some of the texts include, 'Paperdolls', 'Major Glad, Major Dizzy' and 'Stick Man'.


We will have lots of discussions about our favourite toys and why we like them. We will spend time looking at old toys from the Victorian Period and how they compare to the newer toys we play with today. We will spend some time playing with old toys to get a first-hand experience. We will have a go at sorting out new and old toys and discussing our reasons for our choices.


We are focussing on fine motor and mark making skills and therefore lots of the tasks associated with the texts will provide meaningful mark making experiences for the children. Fine motor skills will also feature prominently in child initiated activities (e.g threading and counting in maths, playdough, dough disco, scissors in art etc).


In phonics we are learning Phase 1 - particular focus on instrumental sound discrimination, voice sounds and moving onto alliteration.


In Maths, we are concentrating on number problems, recognising numerals, careful counting, and more/fewer/less and introducing 2D shapes later in the half term.

We will also be exploring learning associated with the children's interests that becomes apparent through the Tapestry app feedback.

Look at what we have been up to so far this year...


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark