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Enjoy the half term - please stay safe - the children are back on MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER...


Lesson 1 

LI: To order objects 

Put objects in the centre of your table. Ask your child to make three piles ordering them from smallest to greatest. Repeat from greatest to smallest  Discuss the terminology and how this links to the number of objects.  Your child should be able to describe sets using greatest, smallest, most and least.


Lesson 2

LI- ordering objects 


Recap over yesterdays lesson - 

Ask your child to repeat yesterdays practical lesson. They should be able to describe sets using greatest, smallest, most and least.
Ask your child questions such as:
What method did you use to order the sets?
How does counting the number of items in each set help you order them?
Which set has the most?  How do you know?
Which set has the least? How do you know?
Group __ has the greatest number of __.
Group __ has the least number of __.


Complete the activity in the work pack. 


Lesson 3

LI- Ordering numbers to 10


Remind your child that it is important that zero will be the smallest number when ordering numbers from 0-10. Write down numbers 0-10 on a piece of paper to make flashcards. Jumble the cards up and turn the cards over so they are facing down. Ask your child to pick up 3 cards. 
Ask questions such as:
Which number is the biggest / greatest?
Which number is the smallest?
Can you prove this using equipment?
Can you order the numbers smallest to greatest?
Can you order the numbers greatest to smallest?
How have the numbers been ordered? How do you know.

Repeat this activity.


Activity - complete worksheet in work pack. 


Lesson 4

LI- Ordinal numbers 


Put the following on a piece of paper 1st, 2nd. 3rd etc.. Discuss the meaning of each with your child. Watch the following video to explain ordinal numbers 


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