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Lesson 1

LI: To add whole numbers with more than 4 digits.


Challenge: How many exchanges are there in this sum?

8322 + 1294? 

What is wrong with how has been laid out? Why is it so important to place each digit in the correct column?


317 +

Remember: Ensure your digits are in the correct place value column or you will get a very different answer!


Try your questions from you pack.


Lesson 2

LI: To subtract two 4-digit numbers with one exchange.


Challenge: How many exchanges are their in this calculation? 2849 - 1299

Where do you have to exchange?


Try 1406 - 527.


How could you calculate this:    ? - 4123 = 2453

You could you use the inverse (opposite) operation. The inverse operation to subtraction is addition. So we can add 4123 and 2453.

What did you get?


Try your questions from your work pack.


Lesson 3

LI: To subtract two 4-digit numbers with more that one exchange.


Challenge: Try 7346 - 2507. How many exchanges were there? Could you tell before you completed the subtraction that there were going to be exchanges needed?


Remember to write your digits clearly when exchanging so that you don't get confused!


Try you questions! Enjoy!



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