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Lesson 1

LI: To be able to use estimation

Today, your child shall be using the skill of estimation to make dealing with difficult or large numbers easier.

  • Ask your child what estimation means. Go through definition with child using attached link to demonstrate it:
  • Practice estimating answers to questions using rounding.
  • 45 + 64 = 50 + 60 when rounded to the nearest ten which is easier to calculate quickly.
  • Share some real life examples of using this skill; when calculating costs, checking our answers and so on).

Your child shall now use this skill to complete the activity sheet. Keep reminding them of this phrase if they are struggling to round: “five and above, give it a shove. Four and below, let it go." 

Lesson 2 

LI: To be able to multiply numbers by a one-digit number using long multiplication.

Today, your child shall rehearse the practice of column multiplication through multiplying a one digit number by a four digit number.

  • Ask your child to demonstrate how to use column multiplication
  • Check that they are correctly using their times table knowledge whilst working through their example. It could prove helpful today if your child has difficulty with a particular times table for them to have it written down next to them to refer to.
  • Watch the video below if your child does not appear confident in how to use column multiplication. The link shall take you through to a resource containing multiple videos. Select the video titled “multiply 4-digits by 1-digit.
  • When confident, your child can work through the activity sheet.

Lesson 3

LI: To be able to multiply numbers by a two-digit number using long multiplication.

Today your child shall be progressing their learning to cover multiplication of two numbers that are both two-digits or more.

  • Watch the video titled ‘multiply 2-digts by 2 digits’ on the below link:
  • Your child can work by using an areal model method or through column multiplication.
  • Practice this with a couple of examples: 24 x 43, 67 x 12, 13 x 48.
  • Ask your child to walk you through exactly what they are doing and check they are using language such as ‘carrying’ and ‘zero in the ones column because we are multiplying by tens’.
  • When confident, your child can attempt the activity sheet.

 Lesson 4

 LI: To be able to multiply a two-digit number with long multiplication


  •    Today, your child will practice their use of long multiplication, solving questions involving two-four digits.
  •   Use the White Rose videos to show your child how to use long multiplication for more than one digit up to four:

Lesson 5


LI: To be able to divide numbers by a two-digit number using short division.


  • Start off by posing the following word problem to your child: A marching band has 192 members. When they march in the town parade, the band puts 8 members in each row. How many rows will the band have in the parade?
  • What operation is needed here and how could we solve it? Your child should spot that we are dividing and that a method we can use is bus stop method.


  • Revise their use of the bus stop method and check that they are using language such as dividend (the number being divided) and divisor (the number that is dividing into the dividend). Show your child this short video to help them revise this strategy:
  • Show an example yourself and make a mistake in your answer. Can your child spot your mistake?


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark