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Enjoy the half term - please stay safe - the children are back on MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER...


Lesson 1

LI: To interpret charts (recap).



Take a look at Question 1 of your Lesson 1 worksheet.

This is a pictogram. Notice that each ice cream picture represent 2. You can see this from the key.

So when you need to calculate the amount of vanilla ice creams sold. You add up the amount of vanilla ice creams and multiply (times) by 2.

There are 4 ice cream pictures. 4 x 2 = 8.

There were 8 vanilla ice creams sold.

How many strawberry ice creams were sold? We can see 1 whole picture and a half.

As 1 picture = 2.

Half of 2 is 1.

So in total there are 3 strawberry ice creams sold.


Attempt the rest of the worksheet in your pack. Good luck.


Lesson 2

LI: To read an interpret line graphs.



Have a look at Q1 for Lesson 2 in your pack.


Here you can see a line graph. A line graph has a series of dots at time intervals and are all joined by a line.


Take note of the x and y axis which are labelled. You can see vertically you have height and horizontally you have weeks. So, the line graph is measuring heights that change over weeks.


1a) This asks what is the height of the sunflower at week 3. To calculate your answer it is best to use a ruler. Find week 3 on the x axis and draw a faint line until you reach the dot. No draw a line horizontally to the y axis, It showing 60cm. So that is our answer.


Please now attempt your other questions using this technique.



Lesson 3

LI: To draw line graphs


Warm up:

What is the difference between 31 and 79?

What is the sum of 31 and 79?



Take a look at Q1 from your work pack.

Here you have to input the data from the table onto the line graph.

Week 1 and 2 have been done for you. So start at week 3 on the x axis. Use a ruler to follow the line up vertically until you reach the point where you need to plot your data. We have to find 70kg.

Once there make a dot and then continue to draw the line from week 2 to week 3.


Do this for each week. Bear in mind that week 5 has 95 kg. This will fall exactly in between the interval on the y axis of 90 and 100.


Continue with your sheet!



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