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Lesson 1 

LI: I can read coordinates in all four quadrants.


For this week, Year 6 will be learning about Geometry, in particular their position and direction based on coordinates.

To begin with, refresh your memories on what is meant by a quadrant by watching the following video:


  • Today, we will be learning how to read coordinates across all four quadrants. Can you think how we could show a coordinate in each different quadrant?
  •  Study the video below. Within the video you will be asked to figure out where to place coordinates on the four quadrants and then identify what coordinate would represent a marked point. 
  • Following this, you will be able to complete your activity sheet, identifying the coordinate in its specific quadrant. 

Lesson 2

LI: I can read and write coordinates in all four quadrants.


Look back to yesterday's learning. Today you are going to be progressing to not just identifying the coordinate across four quadrants but also inserting your own into the correct quadrant based on given coordinates. 

  • It is important to remember that in the coordinates (-3, 2) that the first coordinate indicates the x axis (the horizontal line) and the second coordinate (-2) represents the y-axis (the vertical line). 
  • If the coordinates are both positive then they will be found in the first quadrant.
  • If the x-axis is negative, then the coordinate will be on the left hand side of the graph in the 2nd or 3rd quadrant. 
  • If the y-axis is negative, then the coordinate will be down the bottom of the graph in the 3rd or 4th quadrant. 


- You will see lots of famous faces from the past labelled onto your graph. Find their face on the graph and then write down the coordinates that their face is positioned at. 

Lesson 3

LI: I can plot coordinates in all four quadrants.


  • Consolidating on your two previous lessons, you shall be expected today to place coordinates onto the correct place in the graph provided and then join the marked points together to form a word/letter. 
  • If you have forgotten which axis is which, then refer back to your previous learning and re-watch the videos on Lesson 1. 
  • Activity sheet help - Each row of coordinates represents a different letter. These should be matched together with a straight line. 

Lesson 4

LI: I can plot coordinates to draw shapes using all four quadrants.

In today's lesson you shall continue to develop and strengthen your understanding of plotting coordinates into graphs. This time, you will be plotting coordinates across all four quadrants so must make sure that you remember:

  • The first coordinate represents the x-axis.
  • The second coordinate represents the y-axis.
  • The x-axis is the horizontal point (going across the graph from left to right)
  • The y-axis is the vertical line (going up/down the graph). The higher up the y-axis, the greater the value of the coordinate. 
  • 0,0 represents the origin of the graph (where the y and x-axis meet). 

Lesson 5

LI: I can plot coordinates to draw shapes and identify missing coordinates.

  • In today's lesson, you shall be using your reasoning skills to complete 2D shapes from given coordinates.
  • To do so, you will need to find the missing vertex of a shape, plot it accurately and then use straight lines to complete the shape and identify it.
  • Follow the instructions below in how to use what we know of the coordinates to identify the missing ones: 



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