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This week we are looking at Number and Place Value to 20.


Over the week the children will be learning how to write numbers 1-20 as numbers as well as words. We will also be looking at partitioning these numbers into tens and ones and representing it in different ways e.g. using straws, base ten and tens frame.


It is important that your child understands what numbers look like, so it is helpful to represent numbers using objects and pictures.


For example, to understand the number 3, children need to understand what 3 really is. We can represent it using the symbol, 3, but it is important to understand what three looks like as a quantity. You could count out three sticks or draw three pictures to help with this.


Your child also needs to understand that numbers can be made up of other numbers. So three can be made of three ones, or a two and a one. Once they reach the teen numbers, we need to show that these are numbers made from one ten, plus several ones. For example, fifteen is made of one ten and five ones. Again, this is much easier to explain to your child using objects or pictures.


Please complete the activities in your work pack :) 



Awards we have received so far.

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  • Artsmark Award
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