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The home learning for children can be found under the Children's Hub menu......


There is a SUMDOG challenge set for you all !! Have a go it runs till Wednesday 20th January. GOOD LUCK! Remember to keep you passwords at home when you return you packs. 

LI To solve multiplication and division activities 


In your pack there are a variety of activities to completed linked to the 2 times table. 

For example ...

1 x 2 = 2 

2 x 2 = 4 


20 divided by 2 = 10 

18 divided by 2 = 9 

This week we planned to have a catch up session on time. 


On your clock the short hand is the hours and the long hand is the minutes. 

Each number on the clock (1- 12) represents 5 minute intervals. 


In Year 1 you will have learnt about o'clock (long hand at 12) and half past (long hand at the 6). 


In Year 2 you will be learning quarter past (long hand at 3) and quarter to (long hand at the 9) 


Practice telling the time at home. 

In your pack you have worksheets for o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Have a go! 

There is also a sheet which looks at the 5 minute intervals. Have a go !!


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark