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LI: To multiply by 10, 100 and 1000.


When we multiply or divide a number by 10, 100 or 1000 (powers of 10) we the digits move either left or right along the place value grid.



If we multiply 521 by 10. All of the digits move 1 place value column to the left. Then we add a place holder (zero) in the units. This makes 5210.


When we multiply by 100 we move 2 place value columns to the left and 1000 we move 3 etc.


Complete your worksheet.


LI: To divide by 10, 100 and 1000.


Similarly to multiplying by a power of 10, when we divide by a power of 10 the digits move to the right.



If we divide 5210 by 10 we move the digits to the right by 1 place value column. This makes 521. You may think it should show 521.0 but we don't need that zero as it does not represent a value in this number.


Now complete your worksheet!


LI: To compare and order number to one million


Let's see if 43567 is greater than ( > ) 43576.


We start by comparing the largest place value column. Here we have tens of thousands. They both have 4. As they are not different we move to the thousands. There are 3 thousands (no difference). They both have 5 hundreds. However, they have different values in the tens column. The  number on the right is larger - we don't need to bother looking at the ones column.


Have a go at your worksheet!


LI: To use the column method to subtract more than 4 digits.


In class we have had a lot of practise on this. 


  • Make sure each subtraction step is done correctly before you move on to the next place value column.
  • Exchange where you need to.
  • Read the word questions carefully. How much further is asking you to find the difference.


Complete your worksheet.


LI: To solve problems involving addition and subtraction.


Have a go at your worksheet. Remember words such as 'sum' are hinting that your need to add and words like 'difference' are asking you to subtract.



Awards we have received so far.

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