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Row 1

Lesson 1

LI: To order a text and make a prediction

Read the poem Dad and the Cat and the Tree by Kit Wright. There is a video of Miss Ashe reading this on the Learning hub for year 3 WC 1.2.21 Lesson 1


Cut up and shuffle the set of Dad Cat and Tree Picture Cards.

By reading the captions and looking at the pictures, place the cards in the correct order.

Writing time

What might happen next? How will Dad get out of the tree? Will someone have to go up to rescue him?

  • On What Happens Next draw what you think will happen now that the Dad is stuck in the tree.
  • Write some sentences under your picture. Remember to use capital letters to start your sentences and full stops to finish them.

Dad and the cat and the tree by Kit Wright -read by Miss Ashe

Still image for this video

Lesson 2

LI: To identify and sort rhyming words

Read the two poems, If You Should Meet a Crocodile and The Vulture There is a video of Miss Ashe reading this on the Learning hub for year 3 WC 1.2.21 Lesson 2

  • What things do the poems have in common?
  • Which do you like the best? Why is that?


Rhymes in poems

Use a coloured pencil or highlighter highlight the pairs of rhyming words in The Vulture.

Words that sound similar (Nile/smile) (Book/cook) (tree/knee)


Next, using your grid sheet for the vulture read the other words in the box below the table. Copy each into the correct rhyme section.

If You Should Meet a Crocodile and The Vulture (Hilaire Belloc) - Read by Miss Ashe

Still image for this video
These are the poems that we will be looking at for lesson 2 this week for English.
We are looking at rhyming words - listen carefully as Miss Ashe reads.

Lesson 3

Phonics pack

In your packs you have some phonics sheets and spelling sheets to work through.

Lesson 4

LI: To create a word bank of rhyming words

In your packs you have two different sheets to work through.  You will be matching rhyming words to create rhyming pairs and creating your own list of rhyming words.

Task 1

On your sheet there are two rows of images – saw what he images are out loud.  Then, match the images together that rhyme (log/frog)

Task 2

Now I would like you to see how many rhyming words you can find to go with the images on your sheet.  Try to find at least 2 rhyming words for each image/word

Lesson 5

LI: To write a rhyming poem

Today, you are going to help me finish a poem about some animals –but the problem is that I can’t think of any rhyming words to complete it.


On the paper provided in you pack you need to write out the poem and put your own rhyming word in the gaps to complete it.

There is a word bank to help you.

I look forward to seeing your fancy pants handwriting!!


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark