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Enjoy the half term - please stay safe - the children are back on MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER...

W/C 19th October

Hello Nursery!

This week we are celebrating Black History Month.  We are going to be learning about Mae Jemison who was the first black female astronaut into space! We will be having a ‘space’ themed week. 


Mae Jemison

Here is a song about space and the solar system for you to think about.  Find any books at home and look on google with an adult’s help to learn about the planets and space! 


During phonics we have been learning to do good listening and find different sounds.

  • Go on a listening walk around your house to see if you can hear any sounds? The washing machine, clocks, radios…
  • Use a pencil or pen as a music beater – gently tap things around your house – what sound do they make? Does the table make the same sound as a radiator?



  • Look at some pictures of space on google or in a book. Talk about what you can see and draw your favourite thing.
  • Draw yourself in a rocket zooming to the moon!
  • Look carefully at the first letter of your name, have a go at copying it.




  • Do some space art – making star shapes and planets.  Count carefully how many you have!
  • Sing the song ‘5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer’ taking one away each time.


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark