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11th January 2021

F1 Nursery Home Learning - Week 2


This half term we are learning about Nursery Rhymes.  Please complete these activities at home! Upload evidence to the Tapestry App – we look forward to seeing it!


Continue with the sheets provided. Make sure your follow the advice on the first Nursery Home Learning sheet (Week 1) about sitting properly and holding a pencil.



This week’s nursery rhyme is Humpty Dumpty (Part 2)


  • ‘Humpty’s Hospital’: Humpty had a big fall and needs to go to hospital.  Role play doctors and nurses to look after Humpty and any other toys you have at home. What do doctors and nurses wear? What do they need?
  • Make a get well soon card for Humpty and make sure to write the first letters from your name in so he knows who it is from. 
  • Who else could you make a card for? Perhaps you could make a card for a relative and put it in the post box!



This week’s number rhyme is:  5 Little Speckled Frogs


‘Five little speckled frogs,

Sat on a speckled log,

Eating the most delicious grubs, yum, yum!

One jumped into the pool,

Where it was nice and cool,

Now there are 4 little speckled frogs!’


  • As with the last number rhyme, sing the song and use your fingers to carefully count and talk about ‘1 less’. 
  • Cut out the attached number cards (and keep them safe for future home learning).  Help your child to recognise the numbers.  Hide the cards around the house and go a Number Hunt! Each time you find a number, do an action (clap that many times, jump that many times, find that many objects.



Now that your child can put their coat on themselves, they need to learn to do the zips themselves.  This can be tricky and needs practice.

  1. Secure the zip at the bottom and encourage your child to pull the zip up whilst holding onto the bottom of the zip with the other hand. Keep practising this!
  2. Show them slowly how the zip goes into the fastening and the fastening needs to be at the bottom. We talk about the ‘train’ being in the ‘station’.  It will then take practise secure the zip and to hold the fastening with one hand and pull up with the other.



We would love to see how you get on! Show us on the Tapestry app


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark