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It is lovely to have the children back in school, on time and ready to learn! Thank you parents.....



This week we are finishing the last of the alphabet sounds!

Last week we covered

j  v  y

This week we are looking at

w  x  z  zz  qu

Use the flashcards you have made to recall and recognise the sounds we have already learnt.

If you know all of phase 2 confidently you don’t need to practise this as much as you would with the new sounds.

New sounds should be practised daily!


Mr Early Years Phonics: Use these videos to catch up on last week’s learning! Mr Adderley teaches phonics with his son – you can use these videos to support your teaching or let Mr A do it for you! J


Introduction to Phase 3 - https://video.link/w/zEhFb

Jj - https://video.link/w/LEhFb

Vv – (not uploaded yet – keep an eye on his YouTube page!)

Yy – (not uploaded yet – keep an eye on his YouTube page!)



Please watch the videos below to explore the new sounds this week!


English Hub Phonics:

Ww - https://video.link/w/zChFb

Reading - https://video.link/w/JChFb

Xx - https://video.link/w/QChFb

Reading - https://video.link/w/dDhFb

Zz  - https://video.link/w/LDhFb

Reading - https://video.link/w/ODhFb

zz - https://video.link/w/ZDhFb

Reading - https://video.link/w/gEhFb

qu - https://video.link/w/tDhFb

Reading - https://video.link/w/4DhFb


Use phonics play to support your learning:


Log in: jan21 Password: home

You need to select phase 3 games and the sound that you are learning that day!



Whilst you are at home you can have a go at learning to read, recognise and spell our tricky words for phonics!

They are:









Use the format below to help you learn how to spell them!

Also, log in to Tapestry daily for challenges and phonics activities!


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark