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Phonics Games at Home

Phonics games to play at home:


Sound bingo:

Write 6 sounds on a piece of paper, call out different sounds and your child is to cross them off until they’re all gone, then they shout BINGO!


Segment iSpy:

Play iSpy, but instead of saying the initial sound, segment a word, for example:

c-oa-t or d-o-g… your child has to blend the word back together and tell you what the word is.


Word bingo:

When your child is able to read simple 3 letter words, write 3/4 on a piece of paper. Call out the words until they are all gone, then they shout BINGO!

Support your child to segment and blend when reading the words.



Write out 10-15 CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant words - cat, dog) on pieces of paper.

Your child has a go at reading these words daily for one minute at a time, count how many words they read and record it somewhere for them to beat their score next time!

At first, we keep the words in the same order to get some rhythm and speed going, however after they are comfortable with playing the game put them in a different order every time you play!



Write the Tricky Words on the back of a deck of cards. 

Play snap with the cards, when you get the same word shout SNAP! - you only win if you can read the words on the cards!

Tricky Words are: I, no, go, into, the, to. 

This list will update when we move to Phase 3 but don't stop practising Phase 2 words!



Write a simple shopping list for when you go shopping:






Children can have a go at reading the words with/to you on the way to the shops and then play spot the shopping when you get to the shop! 

(If you need, Miss Jenkins has some shopping lists you can request at school to use!)



Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
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  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
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