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Monday 12th July

LI: To plan a story.


Today, we are going to box up the story of the Stone Trolls and then plan our own story based the elements of this story.


Attached is a sheet to help us plan.  It has broken the story down into the different sections, it then looks at the plot pattern and gives us some ideas on what we could change in our own stories.


It's important not to change too much as we are not all in school together.  You could just change your characters, rather than have trolls you could have giants, mermaids or even magical unicorns.  Let's keep the setting similar being near to the sea but you could have a more tropical setting.



Tuesday 13th July 2021

LI: To write the beginning of a story.


Using our plan from yesterday's lesson, today, we are going to write the opening to our story based on The Stone Trolls.


First we need to set the scene.  Let's think about the 5 Ws.







In our online lesson at 10:30 we will look at ways to engage our reader through creating imagery within our writing and varying our openers.

An example of a good opening


Tuesday 13th July 2021

LI: To write the opening to my story.


Under the cover of darkness, as the twinkling stars illuminated the night sky, two magnificent, curious giants lazed on the ebony beach gazing out over the azure sea.  These were not ordinary giants, they were special creatures who could only ever venture out at night because if they were to ever be touched by the golden rays of daylight they would be turned into cold stone for the rest of the days.

Wednesday 14th July 2021

LI: To write the build up and problem to my story



Using our plan from Monday’s lesson, today, we are going to write the build up and problem to our story based upon the Stone Trolls.

We know that in the original the Trolls saw a ship in trouble out at sea, so they set off down the beach and waded out to sea to help.

We need to describe what you characters are doing beforehand and what is happening around them – this is to give the reader as much information as possible and to create imagery within our writing.

Remember the trolls were perched on a jagged cliff.  Below, the sea bubbled and foamed.  Above, the moon glared down creating long shadows on the ebony beach.


An example of a good build up.

Casually, the two magnificent giants, Buzz and Woody lounged on the ragged, rough cliffs above the vicious, sea.  Below, the sea danced and gurgled while spitting out white foam that floated skilfully on the waves.  Above, the alluring moon glared down intensely on the blackened beach below casting stretched shadows on the ink sand.

Something suddenly caught Buzz’s attention.  In the distance, he could see a ship struggling against the ferocious sea, it was being tossed around violently.  This made Buzz jump up into action, he set off down the beach with Woody close behind.  The two of them, without even talking, knew what they had to do.  They couldn’t just leave them, they had to help and they had to help quickly.  As quick as a flash, both of the courageous giants wadded out to the stricken ship, it took a long time as they had to fight against the fierce sea but eventually the managed to reach the stricken vessel.

Thursday 15th July 2021

LI: To write the resolution and end to your story.

Today, you need to complete you own story based on the Stone Trolls.

We are now at the point where your characters save those in distress but they haven’t noticed that time has slipped away.  It is almost the break of day.  Just as they save those in distress the first rays of sunlight break through turning your character to stone for ever!!


An example of a good ending

Whilst out at sea with the hefty ship, Buzz and Woody heaved.  They heaved and heaved with all their might as the ship fought against them.  In the distance, all that could be seen of the ebony beach was a sliver of silver. Time slipped away, the giants had not even noticed that the moon had slowly dropped in the night sky and that the one coal like sky had turned more of a dark blue colour.  Without giving up, the giants pulled the ship to the safety of the shore, every muscle in the giants bodies ached.  The crew members swiftly clambered off of the ship and ran for safety.  Just at that moment the first rays of light filtered through the cool, dawn air.  They looked at each other aghast, mouths wide open.  What had they done?  Their legs started to stiffen.  Their arms ground to a halt.  Eventually, their bodies were encased with stone, they had forgotten the one rule that they had always lived by.  Never go out in the Sunlight. Their stone figures can still be seen on the coastline, but a reminder to others that we always help those in need.


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