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4th January 2021

F1 Nursery Home Learning - Week 1


This half term we are learning about Nursery Rhymes.  Please complete these activities at home! Upload evidence to the Tapestry App – we look forward to seeing it!


Please complete the name writing sheets provided.  You will note that the letters are pre-cursive – this means that the letters have ‘lead in’ lines for when children will be learning to join them together in words later.  E.g: c a t to cat

But for now we are writing letters from our names with no joins!

  • Talk to your child about the capital letter from their name, see if you can see it on signs, logos or packaging.
  • Make sure your child is sitting comfortably at a table to write, preferably where their feet can rest on the floor/a step.
  • Look at how they hold the pencil.  Which hand are they using? Children at this age still sometimes swap hands, just encourage them to use the one that is most comfortable. The pictures below are the typical progression for pencil grip, and we are aiming for the last picture (far right).

Pencil Grips


We will be sending a range of pencil control and name writing sheets for you to practise! Please upload pictures to Tapestry!

This week’s nursery rhyme is Humpty Dumpty (Part 1)


  • Sing the nursery rhyme (it is on Iplayer on Mr Tumble’s Nursery Rhyme Playlist).
  • Talk about the rhyming words ‘wall’ and ‘fall’.  The end of the word sounds the same.  What other things can you find that rhyme with wall and fall? (ball, tall, call, crawl).
  • Make your own Humpty Dumpty! Use paper to cut out an egg shape, use a large stone or even use a hard-boiled egg and decorate your humpty.  Use your Humpty to act out the song.


This week’s number rhyme is:  5 Little Ducks


‘5 little ducks went swimming one day,

Over the hills and far away,

Mummy duck said “Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack!”

Only 4 little ducks came back’


  • Sing the song with your child using their 5 fingers, taking one away each time a duck doesn’t come back. Count each finger carefully and slowly and talk about ‘taking one away’ and that 4 is ‘1 less’ than 5. 



Last term we taught your children how to put their coats on without any help using two different ways.

  1. To put the coat on the floor (inside facing up), stand at the hood end of the coat, put arms into the coat, move arms up and over the head (with arms in coat!) and the coat goes over the head and on!
  2. Put the hood of the coat on the head first, then find the arms.

Remind your children how to do this and encourage it every time they need to put their coats on.


Awards we have received so far.

  • Primary Science
  • Healthy Schools
  • Health for Life
  • Artsmark Award
  • EEF
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Music Mark