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Are your children safe on the internet?

We have sent a letter out to parents today regarding some harmful content that is appearing in innocent looking videos on YouTube or other such platforms.  Please read the detail below and contact us if you have any concerns.


An ugly side of the internet has raised its head in the media again this week and following on from our Internet Safety week last half term, we have spoken to Key Stage 2 about these disturbing incidents.


There are a variety of ways that the ‘momo’ (or similar challenges) conceals itself within other harmless looking games or videos played by children or via messages on WhatsApp.  It is at this point that children are threatened that they will be cursed or their family will be hurt if they do not carry out certain tasks which can be harmful to them or to others.


Many of our children are aware of this and some have witnessed it mainly via YouTube.  It can be hidden in innocent programs on YouTube such as ‘Pepper Pig’ – one way of ensuring your children do not witness this is to watch the YouTube video prior to showing it your children.  It is also safer for your children to watch their videos via YouTube for kids https://www.youtube.com/yt/kids/ however I would still advise you watching the content first.


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